One Force Responsible For Everything

laitman_928Question: If the Creator includes all reality, then is He fully responsible for all the troubles at the lower level in our world?

Answer: No one bears any responsibility except the Creator. The Creator starts and performs everything, makes all decisions, and gets results. It is the same force.

It leads us through all the trivialities and problems of life, pushes us in all directions, and leads us into all sorts of conflicts.

We are lost inside this life, and it is precisely because of these circumstances, this “roller coaster,” along which we constantly turn up and down, to come to a state where we need to relax, surrender to the stream carrying us, and wish to be merged with this force that governs everything.

Can I achieve this or not? If I can, I do not need anything else because everything suddenly becomes static, calm, and serene. There is only one thought—the purpose of creation, and this purpose is embodied in us.

This thought draws all sorts of changes in my perception in me, and this inner movie that is spinning in me, I perceive as a world outside of me. But in fact, it does not exist, everything happens inside me.

I need to gradually adapt to this picture, to live in it so that it does not interfere with me, and my incorrect perception does not prevent me from living in this world too. It will turn out that I exist in two worlds: the upper world, which the Creator shows me, and the world that represents my distorted consciousness.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/27/19

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