I Want For Their Good

laitman_423.01Question: We are given society in order to become similar to the Creator. Several billion people walk around me. Is the only thing I need to do is engage in altruism toward them? Will I then become similar to this higher being?

Answer: There is no higher being! There is a higher property of bestowal and love. This is the power of emanation, development, bestowal, and positive influence.

Question: Is it a force similar to gravity that acts on everyone whether we want it or not?

Answer: There is no such force in our nature like the one we are talking about. The spiritual nature is a desire to do something just for the sake of someone, for the other’s complete good, without any connection to yourself. I perform a spiritual act when I detach from myself (this state is called “Tzimtzum”—the reduction of my desire) and I want to give everything to others for their good, without any connection to me.

Question: So, do I need to give something to the people around me? Why? I have nothing.

Answer: You have nothing to give and they have nothing to receive. We should just direct our desires. If I direct all my desires to others, I will turn into a transmitter, into a pipe through which the highest abundance, light, will pass through. But my direction to them should be absolutely selfless.

Question: So is it about intention, not about action?

Answer: Of course.

Question: Now I am imprisoned within myself; I automatically think about how to improve my state every second at all levels. So will a person take care of others the same way?

Answer: Yes. In this case, one will be called being in the spiritual world and in spiritual action, and then the person will see the whole world in a completely different way.
From KabTV’s  “Basics of Kabbalah,” 11/26/18

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