How To Imagine A Spiritual Life?

laitman_624.07Question: In the corporeal world, we always have all kinds of needs and are trying to fulfill them. In the spiritual world, on the contrary, there are an abundance of pleasures and I only need to develop a desire for them within myself. Is this so?

Answer: You imagine the spiritual world as a store that has an abundance of everything, but you have no appetite for it. As if you are sick and have no desire for anything and there are plenty of pleasures.

Question: Then how can one imagine the abundance of spiritual life?

Answer: There is no such abundance before it is attained. There is an unlimited opportunity to fulfill others. This is not prohibited in any way. However, you must acquire special tools for this, desires.

When you begin to fulfill others, you will also receive from the Creator in order to give contentment to others, otherwise you will have nothing to give them. Therefore, you become an intermediary link between the Creator and others, and the pleasure passes through you.

Question: Why do I fulfill the desires of others my whole life and empathize with them, but I do not feel any Creator?

Answer: It is because you do this for yourself. In this case, you remain an egoist—that is the problem.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/25/18

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