My Thoughts On Twitter 3/6/19

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The nation of #Israel dispersed among the nations so other nations will join it.
#Talmud Psachim 87

If the nation cannot proceed toward unity, enemies appear such as Amalek and #Hitler, not letting us rest—inciting us to break free from the ego, even though it’s not in a good way.
(Rav Kook, Articles v. 11)

Whether the pressure is positive or negative depends on the nation of #Israel. See Preface to the Book of #Zohar, Item 71

The prophet said (#Isaiah 14): “The nations will take them and bring them to the place, and the house of Israel will settle (assemble) in the Creator’s land.” The nation of Israel assembles under pressure from the nations of the world.

We always receive everything from the Creator. The feeling of suffering is considered to be the feeling of the reverse side of the Creator, since He is “Good that does good.” And it is necessary to strengthen the faith in the Creator, not to fall into thinking that there is I or some other source of my states.

The image of the #caricature of Jews at the carnival near #Brussels is certainly anti-Semitic. Such is the movement in the EU and the whole world.
But the indignation of the Jews is puzzling: isn’t it about time to understand the cause of eternal #Antisemitism?
And not be surprised every time about its manifestation … ?
#antisemitism #jewish #jewishhistory #belgium #parade
From Twitter, 3/6/19

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