Attack In The Group

laitman_943Question: Can we create an attack in the group and how can we do it correctly?

Answer: An attack in the group is possible only when you are gathering together with one goal, one desire, one intention. Try to concentrate as much as possible among yourselves to clearly discern your desires, and then begin to pray and ask.

Think about what we should ask in what way. Try to formulate it together. You will suddenly see how you begin to understand each other more, see how your hearts become closer, how who you are becomes clearer, what you want, and what you should ask for.

Talk to each other, talk about it, and come to a single conclusion. Try to stay with this conclusion for the maximum time and you will feel how it changes you.

That is, you do not just send a telegram somewhere and get an answer. You are in the Creator’s system, and in the process of this work, you begin to feel how a right relationship with the Creator, or a desire for a right relationship with Him changes you. You will succeed!
From the Kabbalah lesson in Russian, 11/4/18

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