Attacking The Connection

laitman_284.07Why should the connection be attacked? After all, we do not fight against it, but on the contrary, we want to elevate it to a higher degree, and that is why we attack. We see that our connection was insufficient, or more precisely, it was unsuccessful, or even more precisely, it was not just bad, but failed completely. We need to overcome all of yesterday’s failures, rejoicing that the Creator gave us such preparation and perceiving our state today as ideal for the next ascent.

Each of us came with his own problems, not ready to connect. Now we need to adjust ourselves as if there were nothing, or to take all this load of disturbances, all these desires that are not directed at connection and the burdening of the heart from yesterday’s unsuccessful attempts, and include them into the new attack on the connection. Connection is the goal, attack is the means, and we are its executors.

Yesterday’s problems serve us today as a weapon for attack. And from all this we need to organize an appeal to the Creator, because weapons and fortitude are good, but in the end, everything is done by the higher power, after we despair from our work.1

Everything that happens during the day, all the disturbances, must serve as an additional help, preparation for the attack on the connection. We need to process all these conditions that are given to us from above to support our advancement toward the connection. That is, all the disturbances are undoubtedly beneficial; we just need to utilize them correctly in order not to walk in circles but move to the goal by the shortest path.2

We need to feel that it is necessary to detach from our nature that resists our connection.3

There is no doubt that the burdening of the heart comes only from the Creator, besides Him there are no other forces. Therefore, we do not ask the Creator to release us from some external enemy, from the evil force that spoils everything. All changes are done only the Creator so that a person will turn to Him.4

The importance of the goal and the desire to reach our connection and adhesion with the Creator can be increased so much that it will reach the limit, bring us to tears. It cannot be any greater; this is the very final stage when a person did everything in his power, scrutinized everything he could by descending to the very depth of creation and of his nature. He realized that only the connection of all the parts of nature allows the entire system to come to life and advance. However, he sees that he cannot lead to this connection and be in it.

The goal is absolutely clear, but a person has no chance to achieve it, and he bursts into tears. These are tears of weakness because he discovers that some important part is missing in his nature from the very beginning of creation and that it is impossible to reach connection without it.

Only then the Creator reveals Himself and gives a person the gift called Lishma, intention for the sake of bestowal. A person rises to the new level of understanding, feeling, connection, and action, and can compensate his previous deficiency.5

When can a person determine that his heart is broken and be happy about it instead of grieving?6
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/13/18, Lesson on the Topic: “Attacking the Connection”
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