Approach The Creator’s Castle

laitman_293Baal HaSulam, The Writings of the Last Generation: All of the anticipated reward from the Creator, and the purpose of the entire creation, are Dvekut [adhesion] with the Creator, as in, “A tower filled abundantly, but no guests.” This is what they who cling to Him with love receive.

Baal HaSulam emphasizes that the most important reward from all the work of a person in this world, out of the efforts he makes and what he lives for, is the achievement of the revelation of the Creator, uniting with Him, the complete resemblance of a person’s properties to the properties of the Creator.

This is “a tower filled abundantly, but there are no guests.”

However, the Creator awaits them.

In the meantime, instead of the castle, we are in a prison from which we must step out and gradually approach the castle.

The problem is that a person must feel as if he is in prison. This happens by hook or by crook. In other words, if we do not want to escape from prison by ourselves, nature will operate on us such that we will have to do it.

Question: If there is no feeling that you are in prison, what is the use of the efforts that we make during workshops?

Answer: It is so that you will be given this feeling. It comes from the fact that you see the kind of world you live in.

While studying Kabbalah, you understand a little, that it somehow works. But time has passed, and now you are again trying to find a cozy place. Therefore, you need to leave this state. But it is much more difficult to do it now than before because in the common “prison” you were pushed forward, and now it works differently.

You yourself must consciously understand that in spite of the fact that you are physically fairly comfortable, you are in a deceitful state, far from the Creator, from the quality of bestowal and love for your neighbor. And therefore, this property, which you cannot and even do not want to achieve, is standing before you and shows that you are in prison.

Now we must imagine that we are in prison. And it is possible to come to this only by means of developing the feeling in the group that we are unable to reach connection, love, an internal state of unity between us in which the Creator would reveal Himself—the common property of bestowal and love.

Constant efforts aimed at connection will lead us to understanding that we cannot do this. In accordance with them, we will see what efforts come to us from outside: from the Creator, by the Light.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 19/12/17

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