“They Helped Every One His Friend”

laitman_962.4When everyone is in good spirits and feeling well, sensing no lack in anything, having achieved a certain connection and spiritual attainment between themselves, one can not dwell on this state. Here comes a big problem of how to awaken the desire for the next degree. It’s because, if we stay in the same state for longer than one moment, it becomes a Klipa.

The state can be elevated, spiritual, and altruistic when the whole ten reaches the connection with the Creator, but if it lasts for more than a moment, it means that we are using it for ourselves. That is why we have to immediately reveal a new deficiency.

In fact, it is much more difficult to overcome a pleasant obstacle than an unpleasant one. After all, suffering itself pushes the person forward, and pleasure stops him. But if we still haven’t reached connection and each one is happy with his path and state, or the opposite, he cries over it, it is not considered a spiritual deficiency. After all, the spiritual desire is the need to connect, to work on a common desire for the Creator. Whether it is gratitude or a prayer, it must be the result of connection.1

Everything can be bought with money except the Creator. It even says: “Buy yourself a friend,” because we are all egoists. All problems can be solved with money except for one: the connection with the Creator. The attainment of the Creator is achieved quite differently, and therefore, you will not draw near Him until you renounce your egoism.

Also, we cannot give up the ego, only the Creator can do it for us. Therefore, it is necessary to perform all sorts of actions so that the Creator would want to cancel our ego and give us the power to overcome.2

All the problems are caused by our distance from the Creator, and by coming closer to Him, they disappear. So, we have only one problem: how can we come closer to the Creator?3

The Creator hears only one request from us: the one for the connection with friends, for mutual bestowal in the group—nothing else. If we want to complain to Him about our personal problems, this is not the right address. He will not hear these complaints because He is the one who created these problems in order for us to want to connect with the group above them. The need to connect with the ten should be more important than personal problems, and with this request, we can turn to the Creator. It means that the spiritual is more important to us than the material, meaning that the connection with the Creator and the friends is more important to us than various corporeal problems.

We even kiss the stick that helps us be directed toward the Creator. If the corporeal, personal problems did not exist, a man would never question the meaning of his life.4
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/15/19, Writings of Rabash, Vol. 1, Article 4 “They Helped Every One His Friend” (1984)
1 Minute 12:15
2 Minute 20:40
3 Minute 27:00
4 Minute 29:00

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