Difference Between Klipa And Holiness

921The difference between Klipa and holiness is not in action, but in intention. Holiness is all that is for the benefit of others, including the Creator, and all that is for one’s own good is a Klipa.

It turns out that there is no difference between Klipa and holiness in actions, but only in intentions. If we pay attention to this, we will see that it is easy to move quickly from a Klipa to holiness, and vice versa, to fall from holiness into a Klipa.

Therefore, one needs to pay attention only to the intention, and one can quickly correct one’s actions. The internal states the Creator throws us into do not matter. We just need to check the intention, and if necessary, immediately change it with the help of corrections within the group. This is the most reliable test.

It takes many years for a person to form this picture, but when it is formed, he makes corrections relatively quickly and easily.
From a Talk in Iceland, 5/19/18

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