Dress Up Like Bina

laitman_283.02Malchut sweetened by Bina” is the desire to enjoy that makes a restriction and enters Bina, as if it does not exist. Then it gradually begins to reveal itself, trying to be similar to the qualities of Bina, as if it were Bina.

Imagine you are invited for cocktails and a banquet with a sophisticated society. At the entrance you are warned: “Pay attention to behave decently, very important people are gathered here, not commoners like you.” So you restrict yourself, enter, watch how others behave, and try to be inconspicuous, that is, try to no reveal your true qualities.

You look at others and try to imitate them, as if you are also an aristocrat. You watch how they stand, dance, sit, and talk. You see how they slowly sip their cocktails, not like you usually drink vodka straight from the bottle. You do your best to be like them, that is, you take on their external form for a while.

But when you alter your external form, your desire to enjoy begins to get used to it. Dressing into such external forms is already a correction. This is not your correction, since it is borrowed from others. This is the kind of correction that we need to make over 6,000 years. Then there is a correction that concerns our very nature, and from a flea market vendor, you turn into an English lord.

Over 6,000 years we acquire and dress into the garments of: NHY, HGT, HBD—the power of Bina rules over Malchut, restricts it, and clothes it with its qualities. Then Malchut receives the force of correction. Now it is completely incomprehensible to us.

Bina does so according to its desire, and Malchut through the power of overcoming. There are people at this banquet who are happy to behave in a refined way, and you act out of necessity so you will not be thrown out. For them, this is life, they have the qualities of Bina, but the qualities of Bina only rule over you, while inside you there is complete egoism.

You are jealous of these people and want to be just like them. Otherwise, your pride will be wounded. It is written that “the angel of death turns into a holy angel.” Pharaoh helps the children of Israel come closer to the Creator. If my pride has suffered, I am ready to crush my egoism. Human pride is the greatest power. I can go without eating or drinking and spend half my life becoming like them.

We are built on the mutual integration of qualities. Therefore, in the four stages of direct Light, Behina Dalet is built as a result of the qualities of bestowal and love, but in it they become egoistic, for their own sake. It contains all the properties of the Creator, only in an inverse form, and therefore, it is possible to invert them.1
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/15/19, Talmud Eser Sefirot, Vol. 6, Part 16
1 Minute 19:25

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