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The heart is a desire covered by egoistic intention.
By rubbing our hearts against one other, we’ll shed the egoistic shell-intention from the hearts.
Instead of it, we will get the intention of bestowal and the heart will be filled by upper light.
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Build a common desire, a vessel for revealing the Creator, with the ten.
Our world is a world of action. In it, we can make actions without the heart’s consent. This lie nevertheless enables us to build our independence in spirituality, precisely by virtue of the lie…

The sensation, “There’s none else besides Him” depends only on the extent of self-annulment because we build a place for revealing the Creator above our egoism. Through self-annulment, we turn “I” into “We” and “We” into “the Creator.”

Love of friends is just a name that conceals not just connection, but an enormous and difficult analysis. We identify the “evil” between us—a bad connection that stems from our nature. And “above it” we must establish a good (i.e., spiritual) connection.

Each person must constantly check himself: does he submit to the others, so everyone will be equal, as one man with one heart? From this unity, new phenomena, forces and actions are revealed, which we never suspected or imagined.

There are already people among us who exist in the quality of bestowal to the environment.
Next we must enlighten humanity about the need to follow the laws of nature and build life upon the principle of mutual bestowal in order to merit the upper reward, the Creator’s degree (Baal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”).

“The ethics of nations’ life must obligate people to bestow to the neighbor (love your neighbor as yourself), so there will be full equality in everything. This will be the perfect consciousness of all the nations. Besides this, every nation may follow its own religion and tradition” (Baal HaSulam, “The Last Generation”).

“#Nature, like a judge, punishes us according to our development. Hence suffering grows to the degree of progress, since we are obligated by the Creator’s providence to carry out the law of bestowal. In as much as we do not carry it out, nature punishes us. And Nature will defeat us, will compel us to ‘love the neighbor'” (Baal HaSulam, “The Peace”).

It is best to accept the Kabbalists’ opinion: that the words “Nature” and “Elokim” (one of the Creator’s names) are identical (Gematria 86). In this case the Creator’s Laws may be called Nature’s Commandments, and vice versa, since it is the same thing.
And there is no more need for empty rhetoric. (Baal HaSulam, “The Peace”)

The emergence of a plea to the Creator came from the Creator Himself.
It wasn’t man who initiated closeness with the Creator, but the Creator drew him closer, giving him a desire to ask for help.
It is also the Creator that completes this process by awakening reactive desires for Himself.
Faith in this process leads man to unification.

The ability to annul myself is determined by the environment—as much as I submit to them. At every moment, the Creator gives me this opportunity. The upper light operates constantly—the changes depend on my consent to annul myself within the opportunity that is presented.

There’s no evil without good and no good without evil. We must preserve both, without diminishing the evil, because it is precisely above it that we reveal the good. It is written, “love will cover all sins.” If there are no sins, there is no place for love.
It can exist only while covering the evil.

No one has found clear and sound grounds for building a sound society of equal and happy people. Everyone seeks the truth, but egoism grows and humanity’s state deteriorates. Hence there is no path other than to start gathering into “tens” and gradually building the new society…
… through good upbringing.
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From Twitter, 2/26/19

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