Bestow Contentment To The Creator

laitman_962.1When we feel all sorts of thoughts, problems, and disturbances, we should immediately check how much they help us determine that “There is none else besides Him.” The disturbance and the situation itself is not important, what is important is how much it distances me from the principle “There is none else besides Him” and how through the appropriate work with it, I can return to this principle and declare that there is only one force.

That is, we need to view our entire life only through one parameter: how does this connect us with the singularity of the Creator, or how can we overcome the disturbance and through it direct ourselves to “There is none else besides Him.” Then we will perceive our entire life as an invitation to reveal the single force of the Creator in all its forms.

We will not pay attention to the impressions in our mind and feelings, to the problems we receive; rather, we rise above them by faith above reason and ascribe everything only to the Creator, who sends all this only in order to help us adhere to Him above each disturbance. By this, we justify the Creator, justify creation, and elevate ourselves to the degree of Tzadik (righteous).1

The singular force of the Creator can be found only in the center of the ten. It means that I am in the system of the single soul and I want to connect to its true source and not to my fantasies. If I imagine the Creator outside of the ten, it will be an illusion. I will not understand what is happening to me.

When I hold on to the center of the ten, it is obvious to me that any incident and problem is caused by the fact that I fell out of connection with the group. There is no reason for troubles other than losing attention and leaving the center of the ten. I then immediately discover some kind of a problem that is intended to return me to the center of the ten.

I imagine myself as a part of the system of the common soul, and only inside it can I find myself and relate myself to the Creator. Only in this way can I connect to the Creator because I have no possibility of clinging to the source of the Light directly.

Everything that happens to me is a result of my existence in the center of the ten. Moving away from this center, I immediately feel various problems. This is an indication that I need to return to the center of the ten, to “There is none else besides the Creator,” to the point where the common soul is in adhesion with the Light. This is my soul and my Light, and every time I establish myself for the real work with the friends.

If I am on my own, separate from the ten, I think that everything is sent by the Creator, this is like everybody else, who can also say that. Any person in the world agrees that everything comes from the upper force. But what next? How can we influence this? We can philosophize about it, but where are the tools for my work? How can I guarantee a good mood and a good future for myself, by what means can I save myself and help others? All this is possible only through the ten.2

Everything that happens in corporeal and spiritual life, in the family and at work, should be perceived as help that returns me to the center of the ten, to the point of contact and adhesion with the upper force: “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator are one.” Then I will exist in this adhesion 24 hours a day.3

The Creator is the force that is revealed in the center of the ideal ten where everybody connects “as one man with one heart.” We all exist there equally and annul to each other, seeing our friends as the greatest. In this way, we build the image of the Creator. If we correctly connect all our desires, put together this whole puzzle, then the form, the picture that opens up to us, will be the Creator. The Creator (Boreh) is the form of our correct connection, “Come and see” (Bo-Reh). There is nothing else besides this because we do not attain the Light itself.

If we make the correct efforts, then we unite in the form called “the Creator” by attaining Him within ourselves. Therefore, there is nowhere else to search for the Creator except in the center of the ten, as it is written: “I dwell among My own people.” The center of the ten is this point, where there is balance, equality, and unity between us. This formula of our common connection, equality, and mutual support determines the image of the Creator, the ideal connection, for us.

The moment we reach such a revelation, we immediately lose it again in order to work again and reveal it on a higher degree, with higher resolution.4
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/28/19, “To Bestow Contentment to The Creator” (Preparation for the Convention in Arava 2019)
1 Minute 14:40
2 Minute 29:15
3 Minute 33:25
4 Minute 59:44

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