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The fulfillment of the commandments in a Kabbalistic group is the union of ten people (at least two) who decide that they want to comprehend the Creator.
Therefore, they are obliged to unite and form a group united according to the laws of the soul—the laws of mutual bestowal.

The spiritual world is impalpable—we have no matching properties.
We don’t feel radio waves but can build a device that will help to perceive them.
We must build a device that would perceive the Upper World.
This device is called the Soul.
It must have the properties of the Upper world.

#Women don’t want to form a family with men who earn less than they do. Single mothers give birth to children out of wedlock, get on drugs, and quickly get jailed.
Only an upbringing according to #Kabbalah can restore the family institution and rejuvenate the society!

The Creator switches the states we are in—I feel as if I’m driving on a bumpy road and must constantly balance myself and the car.
But if I hold on to the group, my thoughts are focused only on my connection with it—I shouldn’t focus on potholes; I no longer feel them at all;
I balance them with my connection to the group.

In the measure of our efforts to unite in the ten over our egoism towards one goal, in the measure of driving egoism towards connection, bestowal, and similarity with the upper light—in this measure the surrounding light affects, reforms, and corrects egoism ….
… for the property of bestowal and connection.

The more the opinions vary and the stronger the yearning to rise above them to a common opinion is—the greater wisdom and reason are, which gives room to discerning the problems and their solutions.
In fact, all the failures and degeneration of common sense occur only due to the lack of criticism and the suppression of differences.

Exercise: the Temple, the Creator’s House is the desires above “each to oneself” collected in one desire “bestowing to the Creator.” The place of the Creator’s dwelling, the Temple, Shechina, is a request to the Creator, which depends solely on over-the-ego unity of the desires…
… striving for the Creator.

Exercise: a group becomes a single whole (minyan – a spiritual unit) if a common property of mutual bestowal from the group to the Creator arises over its members’ egoism—the property of holiness, bestowal, Divinity, in which the Creator, Shochen, is revealed.

Exercise: To study the Torah means—in the unity of a group to study and implement exercises that lead to the revelation of holiness and the properties of bestowal in the group, up to the properties of love, so that the Creator can remain in them.
From Twitter, 1/6/19

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