The Only Fear Of The Kabbalist

laitman_276.02Question: Is a Kabbalist afraid of something in life?

Answer: He is afraid that he will cease striving toward the Creator, appreciating Him, and trying to become like Him.

Question: Is he not afraid for his body, health, etc.?

Answer: If you completely surrender to the Creator, a higher force that always and completely controls you, and you agree with its governance, then you just let go of everything else. And to the extent that you disagree, you suffer. Therefore, all diseases are a measure of disagreement with the governance of the Creator.

Question: In any extreme situations, a person releases adrenaline: he is afraid for his life. And how does it happen to the Kabbalists?

Answer: It depends on what level he is at. If he is already at a serious level of attainment of the Creator, then his only fear is trembling, in order to fully correlate everything with the Creator who is absolutely good and determines all the states.

Trembling of the Creator is blocked by animal fear, and we no longer feel it. But this does not mean that animal fear is destroyed. It can not be destroyed, only overcome.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 07/01/18

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