Ibur (Conception)

laitman_270We are born in this world with a desire to enjoy, with a selfish heart in which there is one special point: the beginning of the upper world, the divine part from above. We need to transfer the importance and significance from our desire to enjoy to this point, the desire to bestow. From the desire to enjoy, only a black point should remain, and the desire to bestow, from a point, from a drop of semen, from a tiny spark, should expand to the magnitude of Bina and Keter.

This is how we move from one world to the next. Everything depends on the importance of the point in the heart, the point of bestowal and love, on exiting oneself into one’s friend, and the ever-greater disregard of one’s egoistic desire until it shrinks to a point. Although at first we feel the whole big world in this desire, it turns into a point that it originally was, into the four stages of direct Light: a black point inside the white Light. Also, the spark of bestowal will expand to the magnitude of the world of infinity, filling everything with the white Light.

We need to make all these changes through our own efforts, to increase the value of the point of bestowal and love, the spiritual spark, the Creator’s property, and simultaneously, each time we annul ourselves and the importance of our desire to enjoy in which we meanwhile perceive this whole big world.

Our entire work is to reduce our world to a single black point, to find a spiritual spark in ourselves, and raise it up to the world of infinity, a bright, vast world.

This whole process begins with the state of an embryo, when we pay attention only to the point of the white Light, to the spiritual spark, and do everything in order to augment it. We imagine ourselves staying within Bina, in the mother’s womb, and this is how we advance.1

Usually, at this time, higher egoistic aspirations awaken in a person to rise up, to establish oneself, to become famous, which are opposite to the desire to annul oneself. This is exactly the work that is given to us from above. Until a person agrees to become a zero, which does not need anything either now or in the future, he will not be able to enter the spiritual world and become a spiritual embryo. Not before.

Until a person agrees to diminish himself to zero, to one point, he will not enter the state of the embryo. It is necessary to feel this well in order to understand where this eye of a needle through which one penetrates into the spiritual world is located.2

The force that draws us into spirituality, called Moses, leads us to the foot of Mount Sinai, that is, to our insignificance in front of the mountain of doubts. This is a very difficult feeling and a person must agree with it, that is, be ready to continue despite many doubts and humiliations, reducing himself to a complete zero.

If he reduces his desire to enjoy to the very minimum necessary for existence to which his nature, the Creator, obliges him, then he is ready to receive the Torah.3

We must allow the upper one to work on us, completely trusting Him, like an infant in his mother’s arms or in the mother’s womb. The whole world is a mother’s womb and we need to become an embryo in it. Imagine how to do this; one needs to reduce one’s own desires, thoughts, and actions. Perhaps we work a lot, but it is as though we do nothing by ourselves; it is the upper one that works through us. We only want to feel how He works on us.4
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/5/18, Lesson on the Topic “Conception”
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