Multi-Crises Of Egoism

laitman_252Egoism grows more and more, and reveals such desires that soon people will die of hunger and kill each other with nuclear bombs; there will be a global war of destruction of all by all. Egoistic desire is intensifying beyond all limits. It must either fulfill itself with everything that it desires or destroy others, considering them to be the culprits of its problems. This is the state that the world will inevitably reach.

The more the desire to receive grows, the more the weapons, wars, and problems in the world. Also, even the threat of a nuclear war, as Baal HaSulam wrote about, is already old news. Today, a cyberattack is enough to take all computers offline, and the entire world would plunge into darkness. There would be no light, nothing would work. This is how the world’s superpowers hold each other by the throat.

We will not even need nuclear weapons. Even without them we will starve to death, there will be no oxygen in hospitals, no water in the faucets, the beloved apps we use on our phones won’t work—all systems will stop functioning. This is even worse than a nuclear explosion. We cannot imagine a world without a computer network.

This is how the Creator compels humanity to accept His program. Otherwise, it is impossible to bring us small primitive egoists to a better state. We have nothing to blame the Creator for. He gave the world every possibility to accomplish a better life, gave us a special group called the nation of Israel and the methodology that could save humanity.

But look at what is happening now with this group—the nation of Israel? We are within our desire to receive and do not want to stick our head out of this bitter radish. Humanity suffers because the nation of Israel is not realizing the opportunities given to it. We were given the means to correct this state, but we are not correcting it.

We need to switch the upper management from negative to positive. With the help of one small switch, it is possible to illuminate the entire world.

One switch can turn off the electricity in the entire world. But there is this one small block standing on the path from the Creator to humanity. It is called Israel. Humanity’s fate depends on whether this block is functioning correctly or not. “Israel” is everyone in whom there is a point in the heart, awakening them toward connection in order to come to a cry to the Creator, to obligate Him to change the upper control from apparent evil to good.

Under merciful guidance, creation receives more upper Light and begins to comprehend where everything comes from and why, and then they will also want to unite. Since a spiritual spark exists in each person, each is a part of the shattered collective soul of Adam.

The spark, however, did not awaken in everyone to the degree that they can feel the influence of the Light. This is why we need to awaken the Light and strengthen it, which is only what Israel can do. Then, sparks in all people will also awaken and will want to unite and exist in one union. Ultimately, they will also become Israel, in other words, strive “straight to the Creator” (Yashar-Kel).

The reforming Light awakens the need for the Creator, the need for unity, and the need for bestowal within the creation. The spiritual spark can be on one of four levels: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human. If the spark is on the fourth, human level, then in order to advance, it is necessary to overcome obstacles, problems, and doubts.

However, in the rest of humanity, this advancement will be much easier, like that of angels. We just need to support the surrounding Light and with its help, people will be able to accomplish acts of bestowal, connection, and love. They will not face inner struggles; there will be no class between Bina and Malchut. This is all only among the Kabbalists and therefore everything depends on us.

That is why the world’s attitude toward Israel will grow increasingly worse and will eventually reach the same level as Nazi Germany. Yet this attitude depends only on us. The nations of the world already blame us for controlling the world. So let’s start really managing it and bring the world more Light than there now is.

All control comes only through the Light; the Light awakens everything—the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human nature—to development. The more light, the quicker the development. If the Light advances us quicker then the informational genes (Reshimot) reveal themselves, then this is called “Achishena,” the hastening of time by the positive path, the one preferred by the Creator and by us.

If there is insufficient Light to enlighten the state revealed by the Reshimot, then it is experienced as adversity, even war. I hope very much that we do not come to a total world war. I think that the state will materialize differently, but it will not be much easier for us.

Imagine there are no supplies, no businesses, no gas, no food, no water in the tap. For the person living in the modern world, this is a catastrophe. This is the path of suffering.

However, there is a path of Light: if people feel that there is the methodology of Kabbalah, which is capable of saving them from death, and if they are ready to study and realize it. It is better not to wait for a crisis but to make the jump from today’s state into a spiritual one right now. Otherwise, in the very near future, we will have crises in economics, in human relationships—a multi-crisis.1
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/13/18, Writings of Baal HaSulam, ”The Last Generation”
1 Minute 5:00

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The Highest Self-Love

laitman_622.01Question: What is self-love?

Answer: The highest self-love is the desire to get the Creator to “run errands for me.”

Question: So all the people who are asking something from the Creator are the biggest egoists?

Answer: Of course. This expresses their hatred of the Creator because they want Him to serve them.

They think about themselves, not understanding why He gave them this state. By their requests, they demand that the Creator change in relation to them. And He says, “No, it will not work, I am the absolute and I do not change. You will change and you will start seeing how I appear better, until you see me as absolutely kind and loving. It depends only on you!”

Question: What happens when I start changing in relation to the Creator? Why does He do this? Why should I change and not He?

Answer: When one changes from the opposite of the Creator to resembling Him, one embraces the entire universe from minus to plus, absolutely everything that is created by the Creator, including all His direct and inverse properties. And then one becomes like Him!

It is His desire that we become like Him in height, greatness, possibilities, eternity, and perfection.
From the Kabbalah lesson in Russian, 4/3/18

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Everyone Has Their Own Reality

Laitman_043Question: Is there any upper reality that exists regardless of our sensation?

Answer: There is an upper reality. If someone comprehends it, then it exists relative to him. If one doesn’t comprehend it, then it doesn’t exist for him.

Now we all feel the earthly reality in the same way because we are on the same egoistic level.

Question: On an altruistic level, will we also feel one reality or each will feel his own?

Answer: Together we will feel each other and one reality. Moreover, everyone will have their own reality, but they will all be similar.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 3/18/18

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Convention In Italy, “All As One,” Day Two – 7/28/18

Convention “All As One” in Italy, “Only Prayer to the Creator Can Help,” Lesson 3

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Convention “All As One” in Italy, “Gratitude for the Revelation of the Creator as the Source of Everything, in Full Confidence that Our Prayer for Connection Will Be Answered,” Lesson 4

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Audio Version Of The Blog – 7/27/18

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My Thoughts On Twitter 7/27/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Today we start the 3-day Convention of the Bnei Baruch International Kabbalah Academy. Its aim is to awaken a greater desire to unite—the only means to correct mankind. Over 500 Europeans are taking part in the convention, and all Bnei Baruch members worldwide are taking part virtually.
From Twitter, 7/27/18

Passing On The Message Of The Ari

laitman_275The created beings have to implement the thought of the Creator, His program, and bring themselves to the purpose of creation. In that process, there is a chain of actions performed by the shattered pieces of creation that are gathering and connecting into one soul as it was before the sin of the Tree of Knowledge, before the shattering of the common soul. The connecting parts of the soul are called Kabbalists.

These parts of the soul that are very different from each other, make corrections of the shattering, one after another. We see how different Kabbalists are from each other from their writings and from how they fulfill their mission. There were special, outstanding souls throughout history, that is, during the process of correction: the soul of Adam HaRishon and then his disciples, twenty generations from Abraham (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, Joseph, David … ), through Rabbi Shimon, Rabbi Moshe De Leon, Rambam, and other Kabbalists until today.

In this chain, there is one very special soul, extremely precious to us, even more than Rashbi and Baal HaSulam —the Ari (Isaac Luria). This man opened the wisdom of Kabbalah to us. Without him, not a single writing of the subsequent Kabbalists would have reached us, and therefore for us as “the users” of Kabbalah, the Ari is especially important.

From the Ari onward, Kabbalah started to develop and adapt itself to modern times, and due to this fact, today we see ourselves closer to redemption—specifically thanks to the Ari. Of course, this includes the great work of the Baal Shem Tov and then Baal HaSulam and Rabash. Baal HaSulam in the nature of his mission was more similar to the Ari, and Rabash was more like the Baal Shem Tov. And prior to all of them, there was Rashbi, who brought to the world the light of final correction that helps, pushes and draws everyone to the final correction.

However, the Ari is a very important point in humanity’s history and we highly appreciate this Kabbalist and the contribution he made for us, or rather, how the Creator, through the soul of the Ari, helped us to get closer to the purpose of our life.

The Ari taught only for one-and-a-half years in northern Israel, then died. Yet this was enough to awaken a great light in the world with the actions of his soul. Through the Ari, this illumination in the form of surrounding Light reaches everyone and gives a great awakening to all the generations following him. His whole life, his writings, his group, and the works he left, both written and oral—all are extremely concealed and vague. However, other souls came, such as Baal Shem Tov and Baal HaSulam, and continued the work of the Ari with great devotion and strength.

Today, on the Ari’s Memorial Day we must feel how much we owe this soul, through which the Creator has done so much in order to bring us the wisdom of Kabbalah. We have to receive the Ari’s message and pass it on.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/16/18, “Memorial Day of Ari”

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Feel The Love

laitman_543.02Question: Is my desire enough to begin the process of spiritual development?

Answer: It is more than enough. Usually people start from a state where they do not want to hear anything at all about the Creator. “What kind of a Creator is it?—A power that wants to love? Somehow, I do not see that He really loves us. Let him send a telegraph message, then I will believe in His love.”

Remark: One really cannot see that the Creator loves us.

Answer: Of course one cannot see. It is in order to give you freewill.

Imagine that you see only those people in this world who love you and treat you nicely. There are no other people, and you exist in the flow of love. Do this and you will be like the Creator. You are welcome to do so. This is given to you. This is the future world that we create by ourselves.

Question: Is this what a Kabbalist feels?

Answer: Yes. He feels that everyone loves him because he loves the Creator. About this it is written, “I feel love with every fiber of the soul.”

Question: Can it be that it is a kind of an illusion?

Answer: Of course it is an illusion. Yet we need to turn it into reality.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 3/4/18

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Newsmax: “When Did Breastfeeding Become a Bargaining Chip?”

The largest portal Newsmax published my new article “When Did Breastfeeding Become a Bargaining Chip?

It is, and always has been, the best food for babies. There is no controversy about the benefits of breast milk, but its politicization is giving us food for thought.

The New York Times claimed that the U.S. government unsuccessfully threatened nations backing breastfeeding with punitive trade and military cut offs to favor the $70 billion dollar infant formula industry, an accusation fervently denied by the current administration. Beyond the sensational headlines, the key factor is that such an important health related topic for mothers and children has been put back on the table.

Breast milk is rich in nutrients and includes antibodies to fight off viruses and bacteria protecting the baby from infections and allergies. It boosts the immune system, reduces infant mortality, and helps for a quicker recovery from common childhood illnesses. A Harvard study in 2016 estimated that 3,340 premature deaths a year among both mothers and babies could be prevented in the U.S. alone given adequate breastfeeding. It also lowers a mother’s risk of breast and ovarian cancer, and osteoporosis.

Besides the physical benefits and what is shown through laboratory experiments, breastfeeding is one of the best ways of bonding with a baby. In addition to nutrition, it provides comfort and relaxation. It releases oxytocin, which is the hormone responsible for other loving behaviors that make us feel good about a person.

Extended breastfeeding for the first two years of life allows for the child’s proper development, and women express more maternal sensitivity well past the infant and toddler years, according to a study by the American Psychological Association.

Beyond such findings, there is also a natural inner connection between the mother and the child that allows for positive biological and internal development, which starts inside the womb, belonging to an inner layer in nature that our studies and research tools still cannot pinpoint.

Considering the vital role mothers play in each individual’s development from the earliest of ages, it stands to reason that stay-at-home mothers should be given all the support possible to raise the next generation.

However, in practice, this is not the case.

In today’s world, the bulk of the burden falls on the mother, who is usually expected to prioritize her career over her family, juggling tasks and becoming increasingly exhausted and unsatisfied. The so-called advancement of women’s rights to choose is in practice an oxymoron. At the end of the day, women who decide to fulfill a traditional role as stay-at-home mothers do not receive enough recognition, value, and economic support from society, as if raising a new generation were not the most important enterprise of all.

The same way science has been unable to create an artificial uterus that brings an embryo to life, a mother’s role of nurturing and educating the child is irreplaceable. We cannot pretend to be wiser than nature. If we really want to empower and foster women’s self-determination, society should create conditions for a comfortable motherhood.

In most societies women struggle to have a balanced life, considering work as an economic necessity rather than liberation and personal progress. Women get caught in an ever-tightening entanglement of commitments at work and home with very little restitution at any level.

Nowadays, certain governments are considering the distribution of an unconditional basic income sufficient to meet a person’s basic needs. Such programs, if implemented, should benefit women first and foremost, particularly mothers who decide to leave the workplace in order to raise their children.

Mothers should not continue being treated as second-class citizens. Instead, they should be recognized as “society’s CEOs” — the ruling force in creation, the only ones capable of giving birth to and nurturing a whole new generation. Keep in mind that the world is our roof, humanity is our home, and women are the pillar of this structure. Nature is showing us the perfect mechanism of the human body. And motherhood in particular has a crucial role in giving birth to a new humanity.

Convention In Italy, “All As One,” Day One – 7/27/18

Convention “All As One” in Italy, “Melting the Hearts into One Heart, Lesson 1

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Convention “All As One” in Italy, “In an Effort to Connect the Hearts We Reveal the Evil Inclination, Lesson 2

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