The Highest Self-Love

laitman_622.01Question: What is self-love?

Answer: The highest self-love is the desire to get the Creator to “run errands for me.”

Question: So all the people who are asking something from the Creator are the biggest egoists?

Answer: Of course. This expresses their hatred of the Creator because they want Him to serve them.

They think about themselves, not understanding why He gave them this state. By their requests, they demand that the Creator change in relation to them. And He says, “No, it will not work, I am the absolute and I do not change. You will change and you will start seeing how I appear better, until you see me as absolutely kind and loving. It depends only on you!”

Question: What happens when I start changing in relation to the Creator? Why does He do this? Why should I change and not He?

Answer: When one changes from the opposite of the Creator to resembling Him, one embraces the entire universe from minus to plus, absolutely everything that is created by the Creator, including all His direct and inverse properties. And then one becomes like Him!

It is His desire that we become like Him in height, greatness, possibilities, eternity, and perfection.
From the Kabbalah lesson in Russian, 4/3/18

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