What Is There To Correct?

laitman_275Question: What kind of egoism do we correct in our relationships?

Answer: There is a beastly egoism and a spiritual egoism. It is specifically the spiritual egoism that must be corrected.

We cannot correct the animal egoism. It belongs to the physical body; therefore, we must leave it as it is and think only about what belongs to the connection between us and the group and through the group to the Creator. Everything else will be corrected by itself, integrating automatically within the efforts of a friend to connect with the group and the Creator.

Question: Animal egoism is the desire for food, sex, family, and so forth. But a social level also exists, meaning respect, control, and knowledge. Suppose I have a desire to control the friends. Must I correct this or not?

Answer: You cannot correct it. If you become involved with the connection between the friends, everything will become balanced.

Question: So, what is this spiritual egoism?

Answer: It’s like the story of the old man who was promised three wishes by a golden fish that he caught. His wife first wanted her broken laundry basin fixed but then wanted more and more. So spiritual egoism first wants one thing and then eventually wants control over everything including the Creator and even itself.

Question: What is the connection with the friends here if I already feel the Creator?

Answer: You don’t feel the Creator, you want to be above everything. This is expressed by your dismissal of the advice of the Kabbalists who discovered the upper world, accepting it from the Creator. You are not interested in using their advice.

It is specifically an ego like this that must be corrected. Everything else will be corrected automatically by being integrated in what you do. Start working and you will feel that you want to be above everyone, including above the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/11/16

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