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laitman_543.02Question: Is my desire enough to begin the process of spiritual development?

Answer: It is more than enough. Usually people start from a state where they do not want to hear anything at all about the Creator. “What kind of a Creator is it?—A power that wants to love? Somehow, I do not see that He really loves us. Let him send a telegraph message, then I will believe in His love.”

Remark: One really cannot see that the Creator loves us.

Answer: Of course one cannot see. It is in order to give you freewill.

Imagine that you see only those people in this world who love you and treat you nicely. There are no other people, and you exist in the flow of love. Do this and you will be like the Creator. You are welcome to do so. This is given to you. This is the future world that we create by ourselves.

Question: Is this what a Kabbalist feels?

Answer: Yes. He feels that everyone loves him because he loves the Creator. About this it is written, “I feel love with every fiber of the soul.”

Question: Can it be that it is a kind of an illusion?

Answer: Of course it is an illusion. Yet we need to turn it into reality.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 3/4/18

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