“I” – The Degree Of Similarity To The Creator

laitman_622.02Question: What exactly do I attain in the process of self-attainment: the laws, the program, or the concept of my “self”? What is the “I” of a person?

Answer: The degree of the clothing of the Creator in a person is called his “I.” In our world we correlate our “I” with our egoism. And in the spiritual world, the “I” does not exist. In the spiritual world, “I” is a measure of similarity to the Creator.

Question: What exists from a Kabbalistic point of view: “I” or only “we”?

Answer: The problem is that the whole world, the entire universe is me. Therefore, when I unite with my friends, I attain my true “I.”

Question: Is my “I” a degree of clothing of the Creator in a person or a degree of my realization that the Creator is clothed in me?

Answer: Your “I” is what is talking in you now; this is what you are today. And the real “I” of a person is a desire to unite and love, which becomes equal to the Creator. This must be achieved.

Start striving to unite and reveal the Creator in this unity, and everything will be alright.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/11/18

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