Why Life Is Getting Worse

627.2In the News: Scientists at Berkeley and Bar-Ilan universities, after interviewing over a thousand respondents, found out that the root of all humanity’s troubles is women.

It turned out that wives, sisters, and daughters are the main culprits in complicating everyday life. It is about their ability “to make an elephant out of a fly” which, in the opinion of the respondents, women mastered to perfection. (Study Finds)

My Comment: Indeed, this is how is sometimes appears to men, and this is their big mistake.

The thing is that men and women have completely different attitudes toward life. A man is like a boy, who changes his toys over time. A woman, on the contrary, is a mature being, who looks at the world very realistically and responsibly. By nature, she is created to give birth, educate, care, and continue life.

It is very hard for men to comprehend and appreciate women’s place in the world. What can we do, we cannot put ourselves into someone else’s shoes, understanding and feeling that their demands come from a different and “closer” perception of reality.

Therefore, what appears as complex to a man is in fact a calling for him to grow up and listen to a loved one who understands life better. “Listen to what Sarah tells you,” is what the Creator told Abraham. In everything concerning a realistic approach to life, men should seek women’s advice. It is she who unravels the entanglement of contradictions that men only increasingly tighten.

If women controlled the world, it would undoubtedly be much better. We would not play around with wars, nor compete with who wins over whom. Yet, on the other hand, the point is not in giving all the power to women.

We all should be like one family where mutual understanding, responsibilities and opportunities are accurately distributed, and where both parts of our nature connect harmoniously. And someday we will learn how to do this.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/30/18

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