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The tension on the Israel-Gaza border that materialized as 2018’s #Passover set in is a clear reminder that Israel’s enemies haven’t changed their plans. We can expect more hostility to organize against Israel if the people of #Israel continue to resist unification. #unity

Abraham set the foundation of unity and connection, in which “love your friend as yourself” (#Leviticus 19:18) and “love covers all crimes” (#Proverbs 10:12) were the leading principles for its adherents to live by, harmoniously under a single tent, in one connection. #Torah #Bible

If you can fathom the future of #technology, you can immediately spot the upcoming social #crisis. Masses will go into indefinite #unemployment, and modern #economics will have no answers for them. #futureofwork #AI

The Light creates
Something opposite and something similar to it,
Learn to control it.
#wisdom #motivation

I envy the friends
I’m proud to be among them
I hope to one day be like them

I cancel the ego to be like the Creator.
Is that not even greater ego?
In doubt…

In order to construct an authentic State of #Israel, we first need to reinstate the values that originally united us as a Jewish people. These are #values initially established by #Abraham and his group 3,800 years ago, which is why he is considered as the father of the nation.

Friends annoy me
Love them I must
To sense the Creator instead of them

While it may seem like a silent revolution, these changes promise a socio-economic earthquake the likes of which humanity has never seen before. The virtual-technological future is gradually taking over the very foundations of the global #economy. #UBI

I drown in the ego’s current
The friends throw a rope
I pray for them, not for myself!

Envy forces me to exert efforts.
Envy is useful if it leads to the goal.
I cherish envy: it is the rope my friends throw as I’m drowning.
I hang on to it because I want the friends to be higher and stronger, for my hopes rest with them.
#Spiritualwork_ML #Kabbalah

The Light creates
Its opposite and its likeness,
Learn to master it.
#wisdomquotes #motivation

I distance myself from the enemy, it’s warm
I draw closer to a friend, it’s warm
Warmth is deceptive
#wisdomquotes #Kabbalah

I envy the friends
Proud to be among them
Hoping to be like them
From Twitter, 4/3/18

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