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Some tips to help you understand the meaning of #Hanukkah

Exertion: when I say “I can’t do any more” is precisely where exertion begins. Every moment I must actualize the principle “If not now, when?” Freewill is exercised at every moment. If you miss a moment, you haven’t actualized your freewill.

Love is when you’re inside me, and I’m inside you, like an #embryo inside a mother. As a mother senses herself in her child—his desires determine everything for her!

Along with the growth of the ego, Kabbalah develops one’s “point in the heart,” allowing him to exist between two forces: good and #evil inclination. Then, between them, he’s free to use the evil inclination for the benefit of the good—and advance in this manner.

Today we can say that we’re putting the method of Abraham into practice. That is the source of the method of unifying people, which is called #Kabbalah

To what degree is the #Creator responsible for the world? For everything that happens? If He causes all this disunity among us, how is He responsible for it? He is responsible for everything, completely and absolutely: He stands behind us, ready to do all we ask.

Addressing the Creator is the vessel of the soul (prayer, Hisaron, Kli). It must always develop—that is my correction. Not the answer to the request, but the request (yearning) itself—there’s spiritual work & fulfillment of the soul. By this I show my attitude to the Creator.

Kabbalah reveals for us the GPS of #life: where to go & how not to stray, but take the quickest and shortest path to achieving all the very best—toward the right Goal in life, for the GPS to show us where it lies.

To reveal the #spiritual world means to sense oneself in it. The spiritual world is a network where our desires intertwine, concealed from us by the ego. As we aspire to be like this system of connection between us, we stimulate its influence on us, up to its revelation between us.

To draw the light means to always think that it is precisely what we lack—ever increasing #connection between us, up to the bond between everyone becoming permanent, i.e. manifesting as the 10 Sefirot filled with the Creator’s light.

The #ego is necessary! It was created in order to show us how distant we are from one another, how distant (different) from the Creator, so that we could draw closer together and thus with the Creator, in His complete revelation.

What will determine the good future of Israel and the world? #JerusalemEmbassy

Instead of proclaiming #Jerusalem capital of Israel, Trump could have directed secular Jews (Israeli and US) to actualize the method of uniting the Jews, which would cause the unification of the nations of the world! Instead, his proclamation exacerbates hatred and delays peace.

Trump won’t correct the world. Jews must become a united people and thus show an example of unity to the nations. This is their historic & spiritual mission, & rejecting it causes all the suffering in the world (Ashlag. Preface to The Book of Zohar, para 70-76) and #antisemitism.

From Twitter, 12/11/17

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