Aiming Toward Love

laitman_527.03MAN is not the heavenly manna that falls from above, but a prayer that a person raises from below and becomes fulfilled by it. It is the drive forward, not the reception, but the aim, the push, the daring that fulfills him, and by this he lives.

Only through the aiming toward love does a person feel pleasure, which is called the sweet labor of love, without which it does not exist.

Fulfillment is only the request to the Creator. That is why the prayer in Hebrew is called “tfila” from the word “lehitpalel,” which means to judge oneself. Although you are not asking anyone for anything, you scrutinize and understand yourself. You do not need to address anyone; it is sufficient to reach the aspiration for the goal and not to search for the goal itself.

Only those working on spiritual correction and going through everything themselves can understand this. No one else can.

And even for those who are engaged, it takes a long time before the aspiration forward is not for oneself without any reception, absolutely selfless, and becomes their inner need. But this is the true spiritual state.

So, it is specifically the desert where you eat the manna—that is the ideal state. You have nothing other than the aspiration forward, toward love and bestowal.

You still cannot use your “Pharaoh” (ego) that sits in your “duffle bag,” but you already start aiming forward. And then your drive will increase so much that without expecting that this desire will grow in you, you will gradually begin pulling it out and changing it into aiming forward.

And then you will be able to act. Like the Creator acts in bestowal you will, with the help of the Pharaoh, act on working in bestowal. Specifically the black force of the Pharaoh is what will give you the ability to bestow.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/25/15

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