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#Freedom: Like a cogwheel, you’re pressed on all sides by other cogwheels. You can’t move. You’re fully dependent on them! However, suddenly you feel your agreement with the Creator frees you from everyone by freeing you from yourself, and you don’t need to change anything!

When an integral (above the #ego) connection with the outside is achieved, past, present and future are perceived as a single whole, as constant, above the animal body. You sense #existence in the general flow of forces (the plan of creation), and you see your place in it.

#Unity: We can come to sense the universe as a single whole, not a collection of parts. Parts with different qualities interconnected so much that you cannot distinguish between them. This is the degree of Yechida—total unity between us, desires, and the Upper force, fulfillment.

Revelation of #reality: One doesn’t change reality, but one’s attitude toward it and toward contradictions. By studying Kabbalah, I realize I must change, bringing myself into congruence with the system of our world’s governance, connecting into it fully and consciously.

#Spirituality is eternal! When replacing intention to receive w/bestowal, time disappears.
Bestowal = no past or future. It’s the action itself that’s important, and whom it’s directed at.
The ego promises the future, but in spirituality, there’s no future–it’s all in the present!

#Spirituality (Creator, Upper Light) has (fills) only the form that you build for it. You learn from your relationships in the group how to build the Creator’s image and step-by-step (descents-ascents) you reveal Him. You make the form of the Creator-Adam, the Creator’s likeness.

From Twitter, 12/25/17

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