“He Is Faithful Throughout My House”

laitman_740.02Torah, Numbers 12:02 – 12:08: They said, “Has the Lord spoken only to Moses? Hasn’t He spoken to us too?” And the Lord heard. Now this man Moses was exceedingly humble, more so than any person on the face of the earth. The Lord suddenly said to Moses, Aaron and Miriam, “Go out, all three of you, to the Tent of Meeting!” And all three went out. The Lord descended in a pillar of cloud and stood at the entrance of the Tent. He called to Aaron and Miriam, and they both went out. He said, “Please listen to My words. If there be prophets among you, [I] the Lord will make Myself known to him in a vision; I will speak to him in a dream. Not so is My servant Moses; he is faithful throughout My house. With him I speak mouth to mouth; in a vision and not in riddles, and he beholds the image of the Lord. So why were you not afraid to speak against My servant Moses?

The level of Moses is in the attainment of the Creator. And the attainment of the Creator occurs in the corrected state of a man. That is, Moses is many levels higher in his correction than Aaron and Miriam.

Being below him, they do not understand it and object. The lower degree never understands the higher one. In the spiritual, the higher degree seems absolutely illogical.

In our world, for example, this is manifested in the upbringing of children—they also do not want to agree with us. And this is natural.

And in the spiritual state, the higher degree seems stupid, small-minded, unclear, illogical—without a conscious approach, because each time you exercise greater faith above reason. You only need to annul yourself, close your eyes and follow the higher degree, either against your will or by decided it is necessary.

Question: What does God talk about with Miriam and Aaron?

Answer: Miriam and Aaron are at the level of prophecy. A prophet is a person the Creator speaks with. He even sees some manifestations of the Creator in the Reflected Light (Ohr Hozer). But generally this is the attainment through the property of Bina. Therefore, the degree of Bina is called “hearing.”

It is said: “With him I speak mouth to mouth,” meaning, without hiding anything, without passing through any transformations and weakenings—that which is in Me, he receives too. This is the highest degree of adhesion of the soul with the Creator.

Question: What does it mean “he is faithful throughout My house”?

Answer: Moses fully mastered the property of Bina. When Malchut ascends to Bina, this is the house of the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/25/15

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