Climate Hell

Laitman_711In the News (National Post): “An influential group of scientists led by James Hansen, the former NASA scientist often credited with having drawn the first major attention to climate change in 1988 congressional testimony, has published a dire climate study that suggests the impact of global warming will be quicker and more catastrophic than generally envisioned.

“The research invokes collapsing ice sheets, violent megastorms and even the hurling of boulders by giant waves in its quest to suggest that even 2 degrees Celsius of global warming above pre-industrial levels would be far too much.”

My Comment: The world is entering a state of imbalance; it cannot keep itself in a dynamic balance. The fact is that humanity is driving nature out of balance through its intentions and thoughts, not by the use of modern technology.

Through our imbalanced relationships with each other, our selfish attitudes toward one other, we are driving nature out of its own balance. Furthermore, our thoughts are the most active force in nature, unseen but terribly powerful. And so there is nothing good ahead of us.

Until we change ourselves, our interactions with each other, nature will continue to be driven to constant extreme agitation. Ultimately it will force us to change; we will not be able to fight it.

Comment: Seems like humanity will come to this through suffering

Answer: Unfortunately, nothing can be done about this. People are very stubborn, they don’t want to listen. And, if it were only intelligent stubbornness. But when you start telling them, trying to convince them, and giving examples, reasons, and evidence, they just close themselves off, plug their ears, shut their eyes, and don’t want to hear or see anything. That’s why we will need to wait not only for unpleasant climate events, but for serious problems as well.

However, even small positive changes in our relationships with each other will have huge positive effects on nature because we would be changing on the level of intention and nature would change on its inanimate level.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/11/17

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