My Thoughts On Twitter, 7/31/17


Our top priority today is to unify #Israel. We can build the Temple in our hearts, and reach a new pinnacle from which we shall not fall.

As long as there’s unity, love and camaraderie in the nation of #Israel, she need not fear anything. #AlAqsa #Jerusalem

#Israel will merit her name only if her society will be built on love toward others. -David Ben Gurion.

“Calendar” exile ended back in the times of the ARI (16th century), but the true exile is in us, and will end only when the nation is united

Jews know the secret to unity that solves all problems. And hatred toward them won’t stop until they reveal it for themselves and others.

The #Third Temple is what we build when unifying the hearts. There we will reveal the Creator—the quality of love between us.

#Temple isn’t a building, but a system of social order—a unified, indivisible society that can ascend precisely due to conflicts!

Al-Aqsa: Our problem is that we try to compensate for social rifts and schisms with moralizing or laws #Israeli

In studying #Kabbalah, we detach from the ego, and discover that it wasn’t us who suffered, but our former ego. This is how we escape exile.

Because we draw the world with our #ego against a background of white light, by controlling the ego as per Kabbalah, we can draw any world!

#Kabbalah. To #love truly means not to provide the beloved with all their needs, but connect them to the “channel of abundance.”

Since the time of Babylon, evil forces have always unfolded around this special date. #Tishabav #TempleMount

Our world is governed by two forces—the positive force and the negative force. #TempleMount

#Tishabav: the day when the First & Second Temple were ruined, which was due to the to the ruin of the spiritual unity within Israel.

From Twitter, 7/31/17

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