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laitman_272Question from Facebook: You recently published an article about the fact that women don’t want to have children and that their maternal instinct is fading. I didn’t understand why this call is to women and about women. Do women get pregnant by themselves and decide to have a child by themselves?

Have you checked with men whether they want kids; whether they want to bring up children and invest energy, money, care and the attention they deserve? If you haven’t, it sounds as if there is a separate state in which there are only women who have become egoists.

Answer: Neither men nor women are responsible for this situation, but all of society, which does not understand the purpose of life.

Society has become so egoistic that very soon robots will replace everyone. Everyone will have his own fully equipped and automatic apartment, and without leaving it, a person will feel as if he is on Mt. Elbrus in Switzerland or anywhere else, enjoying the fresh smell of a forest, the ocean, or anything one wishes.

While lying in bed, a person will be able to feel the warm sand as if he is lying on the beach, or to smell the campfire he is sitting around with friends. All these feelings will be conveyed to him by robots, by huge screens hanging on the four walls of his home.

At the same time, he will not owe anyone anything. A person will not need women, men, or children, no one… Moreover, if a couple of electrodes are attached to his head, he will feel happy even if all of the above did not happen. So what should one live for? It is better simply to not exist.

We will soon see advertisements on the Internet saying: “If you don’t want this fate, if you don’t want to exist, sign up.” This is what we are being led to, and it all begins from the lack of desire to have a family, to have kids, and to continue the human race.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/22/17

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