Can Animals Feel The Creator?

laitman_547.05Question: Are intelligent life forms, different from humans, like dolphins, elephants, and so forth, able to feel the higher force, the Creator?

Answer: No, they cannot. These are not intelligent life forms; rather, they have an instinctive form of existence. Does a person in our world act in an intelligent life way? A person in our world acts purely according to natural instincts, no different from animals.

Question: Why is a person always offended by hearing those words?

Answer: It is because the words belittle him to the level of a beast. A person thinks that he is on a higher level, above the level of a beast, but he acts worse than animals do. There is no part of creation that harms all of nature, himself, and those around him, like a human does.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/12/17

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