Advantages Of Virtual Learning

laitman_959Question: We study online at the Kabbalah Academy of Moscow. What is the strong point of a virtual group? What is it worthwhile to work on? What should one pay attention to?

Answer: In every society there are potential positive and negative characteristics and qualities.

The uniqueness of a virtual group is the vast distances between you, and, in fact, you are not influencing each other physically. You influence each other only through your inner properties that you feel through the communications channels. And so this is much easier.

On one hand, I can connect with ten friends in a virtual group much more quickly than in a physical connection because through a screen, through the communications media, only what we want to convey to each other is transmitted. Therefore, it is much simpler.

On the other hand, there is an unlimited audience; billions of people throughout the world can connect.

Our connections today are universal, in various virtual forms, and we communicate between us at different times of day, and so forth.

In general, if you choose the system of connection between you correctly, then you can be very mobile and flexible so that you will constantly improve the connection between you until there is a real discovery of the Creator within it.

Question: How should we organize the practical work?

Answer: It is only through the connection between you.

Everything is understood only in the connection between people where we nullify our ego and create a good connection between us in its place where the Creator will be revealed. This is the practical work.
From a video conference with students of the Russian Education Center (MAK) 5/21/17

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