The Internet: The Upper Force Hidden In Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Internet has been around only for only about 15-20 years. It hasn’t even taken one generation to grow, but there’s definitely a generation raised on the Internet.

And if we wait till the next generation arrives, another 15 years, we will see a very different humanity. It will all live on the Internet, constantly plugged into the common communication network that connects everybody by means of some portable devices such as an iPod, for instance. And we will maintain acquaintances with one another only through this virtual network.

That will be the time when all our good and evil will come to light since this system has an internal force that we are not aware of at the moment. It is yet to emerge and unfold.

In the place where people are connected with one another, a “third component” emerges as well: an effect, a “derivative” of this connection. Suppose we are a group of 10 participants who are interconnected. It means that there also is a cumulative force of the group consisting of ten people.

But this isn’t all! When we bond, an additional force comes to life, an extra component produced by our oneness, its result, a “generalization” which includes all particular forces. And if we get connected in one network, despite the fact that it is completely egoistic and false and has absorbed all the worst samples of our nature, it nevertheless is a system that brings us together. And hence, the force supplying this connection will be revealed in this place.

It exposes a new necessity to us. This network itself has such a unique nature, character, and legitimacy that it will pull us toward integration, unification, and correct development, to a truly unified humanity.

If we get connected, no matter how, by good or bad ties, this bond will bring us to the correct type of unity in the end. It may bring some blows on the way if we are egoists and don’t understand what the right form of evolution is. But by the same token, it can go smoothly and well. At any rate, one way or another, within this network, there works a special force that is one degree above us.

The integral egoism which has connected and is forcing us to be together, which has arranged this whole network and us in it, seems to be a negative force, but inside it, there is a positive one that gradually draws us to becoming as one. I am certain, based on how fast we are developing now, that we will reveal it in the very near future.

It is a natural phenomenon: When people unite, within such unification and as a result of it, there is an additional force present. This is how nature is designed. It could be a gathering of some clowns or the most evil criminals, and still, their unity will produce a powerful result (albeit possibly bad). It is because bonding itself is endowed with spiritual force. After all, spirituality is a connection.

So, our connection may be good or bad for the time being, but it will still advance us as a result.
From a TV Program “Ask the Kabbalist” 1/20/2011

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  1. Well written, the nervous system of the upper world is a key sign of coming collective consciousness

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