From A Cell Of Thought To An Unlimited Mind

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we balance our feelings with our mind?

Answer: But why do that? Being balanced is not a good thing. Even though this is our purpose, to reach balance and harmony, nevertheless as long as we are on the path, we don’t need this to stop us.

We learn that the Creator created the will to receive which is the creation, matter, and the only thing that exists. This desire develops with the help of the Light that created it. Stated differently, there exists a special force called “Light,” “the force of bestowal,” or “the root” that created the will to receive, the force of reception.

When the will to receive begins developing with the help of the Light, it goes through four phases, each of which gives rise to the following stage and fills it, and then that phase continues its development. When this desire reaches the fourth phase of development, it begins asking questions: Who am I? What am I living for? Where did I come from?

In essence these questions are asking about “the root.” And because the desire asks about this, a mind begins developing within it. The Light influences our will to receive in such a way that the need for fulfillment makes the desire begin searching for a way to attain what it desires.

We see this based on how we are structured. What do we include inside of us? Positive particles and negative ones: positrons and electrons, atoms that make us up and unite into molecules. These, in turn, connect together according to their valency. So after all is said and done, there are two forces: the force of reception and the force of bestowal.

But when they begin to unite, they form cells of thought. That is why every atom and every molecule begins to feel the need to perceive itself. And when they try to unite together, they are looking for a way to complete themselves according to the number of free electrons. Then it turns out that by virtue of these processes, a mind forms.

After that the particles begin to unite in a way that seems mechanical. Our brain is also mechanical and contains nothing from Above. But it looks for the most rational, short, and best way to reach what it desires. This is called the birth of the mind inside the desire. A great desire gives birth to a great mind according to the fact that it has to attain great things, while a small desire produces a small mind.

This is similar to a child’s development. A small child has small desires and a small mind, but the more we develop his desires in order for him to know how to take something apart and put it back together, the more his mind develops. The same happens on the still, vegetative, and animate levels.

However, the will to bestow has a completely different brain. There we come out of ourselves to the common memory that is outside of us. I begin to acquire an external feeling, the feeling of bestowal, with the help of my desire to attain “the root” and by beginning to connect to the desire that is outside of me.

External desires are located between people and they are the common desire that each of them acquires. In the same way a person also acquires the external mind outside of each one of us. In that case, our desires and our mind are unlimited. Then, I do not limit the mind by the boundaries of my personality, but on the contrary, I come out into a dimension where there are no limitations. This state is called the world of Infinity.
From the lecture in “Kabbalah L’Am” Hall on 1/25/11

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