The Plan For Exiting Crisis, Part 7

Laitman_632_4Altruistic Egoists of the Future

Question: It turns out that a person who is an egoist by nature has to understand that to give to society is better than to receive from it. How is this possible?

Answer: Integral education is required for this, which explains to a person how he needs to be in balance with society by giving to it in proportion to his abilities and receiving from it according to the necessity.

This is opposite to his nature, according to which he wants to receive as much as possible and give as little as possible. This is why the education that makes this correction is required. Due to the integral education, he connects with others and feels them close to him, like friends or his family on which he depends. According to this, he can correct himself and give to society more than he receives.

After all, everything depends on society and at the end everything comes back to a person, that is to himself. Let’s say, I earned $10,000 and I am required to receive only $2,000 from society and leave $8,000 for society.

I know that the corrected society will spend this $8,000 for good: it will build subways, houses, hospitals, and schools for children. I understand this and therefore gladly give the money to the society. If I and society become one body, then it doesn’t seem to me that I tear something from myself by giving to the society. Everything depends on education.

It is customary to take children on excursions to different organizations and explain how they work, study economics with them so that they would know why taxes exist, how the government functions, and how decisions are made.

This is how we need to show to a person that all government systems work for his benefit so that he will be convinced that he and society are inseparable from each other. Then he will see that all the property of society belongs to him.

Integral education lets a person understand that he and society are one integral system. There are things that he consumes through society and there are other ones that he receives personally.

Question: Does integral education change the nature of a person?

Answer: One’s nature doesn’t change; a person remains an egoist, but an altruistic egoist. It is explained to him how the country is built, which acts only for the sake of the people’s good in which everyone is connected.

The $8,000 that he gave away will also be used for his benefit through all sorts of systems. It is now that all the charitable donations are stolen along the way and remain in someone’s pockets, but then everything up to the last cent will be used properly.

It will be possible to check through the computer how much money was paid to each citizen in the country for the general benefit: part was used for an army, part for education, part for culture, part for hospitals, and for everything else that people need.

Of course, we are talking about the corrected country, and not about today’s. Integral education should create people who understand that everything exists for their benefit. There are such benefits that a person consumes personally: everything that relates to food and family. And there are benefits that are received through society.

Question: Is it enough for a person to understand that we all are one body or does he need to feel this?

Answer: We need to feel that we all are like one family. Due to education, we should become like one family. This is not against egoism. During war, everyone feels as one family because the common disaster brings people together. A person understands that he depends on the environment and therefore is interested in making this environment richer and stronger in order to have more hospitals, schools, and many useful services that are available to everyone.

In essence, this is the direction toward a correct socialistic society where the country and society assume many responsibilities that usually fall on an individual. He no longer has to worry about anything. Why should each one have to think about where to educate and raise children, about sport schools and classes—everything should be free of charge.

There will be no need to buy tickets to the theater and to pay for your child’s classes. Each child will receive everything he requires, irrespective of his father’s salary. Everything will be free of charge both at home and in the community; after all, we are one family. And inside the family each one is interested in organizing interesting classes, good education, medical care, and leisure for his children.

If we all want to do this and will work together, then it will be a heavenly life. No one will be stealing because everything remains in families. If the entire country is one family, then everything belongs to the family. Imagine how much we will save, because today no less than 60-70% is stolen.

Therefore, integral education is necessary. After all, when the middle class disappears completely and only a few thousand rich people remain and the remaining billions are beggars, it will lead to an explosion.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/29/17, Lesson on the Topic: “Mismah Arosa” (Arosa Document), “Plan for Getting Out of Crisis”

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