Wonder Woman, Part 3

Laitman_632_4Question: The movie Wonder Woman in which an Israeli actress saves humanity awakens thoughts about the correction of the world, about the Jews having to be the Light for all the nations. People understand that this correction is needed, but how do we actualize it?

Answer: First of all, the nation of Israel must actualize its own correction. We are connected to all of humanity and that is why as we correct ourselves, we pass this awakening, this aspiration for correction, to all others. Kabbalists are obligated to teach the nation of Israel the methodology of this new unification, this method of correction, the achievement of love of others. We don’t need to pay attention to those who speak against Kabbalah because by they are obstructing people from uniting, they are simply committing a crime. Then later, this example of unity must be demonstrated to the entire world.

If the nation of Israel, being the biggest egoists, is able to correct itself and demonstrate to the others how to move from hatred to love, from separation to unity, then it will serve as an example and will give strength to the entire world. The whole world will follow the Jews toward unity.

Furthermore, the nations of the world will help the Jews in this correction, as is written by the prophet Isaiah, “the nations of the world will lift the nation of Israel onto their shoulders and deliver them to the temple in Jerusalem.”

Question: The heroine of the movie saves the world from various evil people and external forces; you are speaking about the need for us to save ourselves from our own egoism?

Answer: Egoism is the only evil. We don’t have any other enemies. The whole nature of man is evil from birth. There is nothing in creation except the evil principle. And this is exactly what we need to correct. If Israel corrects itself, the entire world will be corrected.

Egoism is my desire to build my success on the failure of others. This is a completely natural desire for every person because it is inherent in our nature. But we must rise above this nature to bestowal to others, to concern for their welfare instead of our own. A person who is ready to make this correction within himself is called a super-hero.

He overcomes his egoism, his inherent nature, and that is why he is called super-human. By doing this, he corrects the entire world, a world that is in such bad shape only as a result of human egoism because we project our negative relationships onto all of nature.
From KabTV’s “A New Life #865,” 6/8/17

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