How To Read The Book Of Zohar Correctly

Laitman_065Question: How does one read The Book of Zohar correctly, and what is the order of reading?

Answer: The Book of Zohar must be read with commentaries; in fact, without them, it is impossible to understand it.

A few years ago, during group work, we published a book that was prepared for the people and that is also what we called it, Zohar for the People. As a result of this work, today everyone can read the book and understand it. We translated the text from Aramaic to Hebrew and “simplified” the text without distorting it.

Originally, the structure of The Book of Zohar was divided into several parts: the text itself, the commentary on the text, and so forth. We united the different parts in a harmonious way into a single text that is divided into numbered sections, making it possible to read it easily and continuously.

Zohar for the People is material that has been well processed, translated, not only into the Hebrew language, but also into Russian and English. I very much recommend becoming familiar with the book and trying to start studying it.

The lessons that we learn from the book Zohar for the People begin to be felt by the students present in a lesson as a definite “spiritual stream” that passes through them. The book works on them from within and washes egoistic thoughts and calculations out of them.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/5/17

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