Spiritual Ecstasy

laitman_239Question from Facebook: An egoist has to be satisfied with altruism. An altruist is ready to give everything for an idea and an egoist is ready to take everything. For what?

Answer: So that they will support each other. A person in this world builds, invents, prepares, and makes everything in order to gain something, in order to receive, here and now. But what can a person do so that what he gains will remain forever and he will not feel a sense of loss? The moment a person attains something, he is afraid that it will disappear.

On the other hand, when we perform spiritual actions and attain something, there is no worry that these achievements will disappear. We know that the achievements do not disappear. If we perform a certain correction, it already exists in creation.  It gives us indescribable pleasure, spiritual ecstasy!

Everything a person does on the corporeal level always invokes worry of how to preserve it. On the spiritual level, on the contrary, it is perfectly clear that everything a person does immediately transcends to all the layers of creation and fills them. Therefore, such an attitude toward the world saves a person from all the problems which may depress him.

Question: Is spirituality the right combination between egoism and altruism or is it the suppression of altruism by egoism?

Answer: Spirituality is the right combination between all our attributes. It is the true implementation of egoism. We cannot express or implement this in our world in any way because we would like to receive everything. But we don’t receive anything, and even if we do receive, it eventually ends up as a greater loss and failure.

Therefore, the most important thing is to learn to implement our egoism correctly and then we will be happy. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how to receive correctly.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/21/16

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