Let’s Start Changing Ourselves!

Laitman_631_3Question: What is the spiritual root of resentment? I am very touchy. I cannot cope with the emotions from being constantly offended by my husband. How do I learn to forgive?

Answer: What is the connection to your husband? The Creator is playing with you like this! He is pulling your strings. No one else is around you! Through this entire theater that is being portrayed for you, you are being influenced by the Creator, the upper force.

Begin to respond to Him, not to those puppets that surround you. I am not belittling their importance in any way, but only am saying that this is the way reality should be perceived.

After all, who is this person? No one and nothing. This is just a small mechanism, like a clockwork toy.

But, to the same degree that one begins to awaken, to invite higher influence upon oneself, and it begins to work within him, then one is changed. One becomes an Adam (Man). Then, one no longer jumps like a clockwork bunny. Instead, one begins to operate and move forward independently.

Therefore, you must not be offended by your husband or be angry with yourself that you cannot avoid being offended, etc. Let’s change ourselves with the help of the upper force!

Imagine that someone achieves the level of the Creator and begins to feel everything that He is doing within him: why He created him like this and what he must do with himself. It gradually becomes clear: I must become like the Creator! Nothing more and nothing less.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/21/16

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