“Mein Kampf” – A Best Seller

laitman_525In the News (DW.com): “An annotated, critical edition of Hitler’s infamous “Mein Kampf” has been on sale for a year, the two-volume tome becoming a surprise bestseller with 85,000 copies sold. But the book is still attracting controversy.

“At the end of January, a sixth run of the critical edition of Adolf Hitler’s anti-Semitic “Mein Kampf” will be released. The strong sales have come as a surprise.

“‘No one could really have expected them,’ said Andreas Wirsching, Director of the Munich-based Institute for Contemporary History (IfZ) that produced and published “Hitler, Mein Kampf. A critical edition”, an annotated version of the notorious book accompanied by extensive critical comments.”

My Comment: What do they mean, they didn’t expect it? They did expect this and how! Billions of copies will be sold all over the world because this book is very famous to begin with. It was prohibited for a long time and was not published, and then suddenly they began to publish it. It is only natural that they would advertise it this way.

In coincides with the fact that we are re-entering a cycle of nationalism, chauvinism, anti-Semitism, etc. This is the reason that people need such books. They need a radical idea as a solution to the problem.

Question: Even the idea of hatred?

Answer: Humanity has nothing but that. It is impossible to lead people forward in a positive way, only by hatred. This is what everything is based on because our ego, which is the core of our nature, doesn’t understand anything but struggle, hatred, and the annihilation of the enemy. It is impossible to advance without an enemy.

Question: We continue to follow our developing egoism, taking old books, raising them to the level of hatred, and thus moving. For how long?

Answer: Until humanity starts a third world war, because WWI and WWII were based on the same hatred that is redeveloping now. Many speak about a third world war very calmly, as the time for its ideology has come.

But I hope that we will be able to overcome that. There are already buds of the recognition of evil in humanity, of what the real evil is. I believe that people will be able to look ahead and see what they could not see before and will understand that this is not a solution to the problem.

Fascist organizations will not be able to unite today; they will quarrel. And we will be able to explain to people that this is the way to mutual annihilation and not a solution.

Question: Which means that no happiness will result from that?

Answer: No, this will certainly not lead to happiness. The only way to achieve happiness is by the correction of man and humanity.

Question: Could there be a book that is totally opposite from “Mein Kampf” that will become a bestseller?

Answer: I believe that a book that is serious, and on the other hand, light and exciting should be written. It will draw humanity to the idea of correction. Of course, this idea is against our nature, so it does not draw everyone automatically, but today it can already be explained as the essential and only solution.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/9/16

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