Fires In Israel

laitman_222Comment: In Israel there is a disaster, fires are burning forests, fields, and vast areas.

My Comment: This is happening due to natural causes as well as terrorist activity. There is a huge drought in most areas; fields of dry vegetation should intentionally be burned in advance because they might flare up like gunpowder. There aren’t enough places where water has accumulated that could be used to extinguish a fire immediately. The areas are unprepared. Unlike the Arabs, Jews love to surround themselves with trees. Therefore the cities are full of dry vegetation with dry branches and thorns that can be ignited very rapidly and carry the fire with terrible speed. All of this must be taken into account and dealt with.

The wisdom of Kabbalah says that as long as we are not connected with a good connection between us, we will have to invest effort and take many measures to prevent disasters of this kind.

A person cannot operate in the right direction one hundred percent. But he must at least do so to a particular degree. Unfortunately we are not operating in the right direction at all, not in the area of economy, nor in the political realm, and especially not in the structure of the society.

But we have no choice; this is a law of nature! It is up to us to understand that as long as we are not similar to nature and are not carrying out its primary laws, it will reveal itself to us negatively, it will “run” us in all kinds of ways “toward happiness through the rod.”

If we begin to get closer to each other in the conditions that have been given to us, nothing bad will happen. We would have no fear of anyone. Nobody would be able to turn toward us with a bad word, with a sword, or with a submachine gun. The problem lies only in the relationships between us.

If we don’t do this, everything will burn.

So we must rethink about how we can create a secure future for ourselves and not set our own house on fire.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/23/16

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