Looking To The Future Monkey

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (KM.ru): “Portal KM.RU as an educational project aims to acquaint its readers with the latest scientific achievements. Today our interlocutor – one of the leading Russian experts in the field of brain research, Professor, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Sergei Saveliev . …

“Expressed in everyday language, our brains are lazy, lustful and idle; that is, it wants to relax, eat well, relax and enjoy sex. The reason is simple: everything is managed through the calculation of the expenditure of energy required for mental activity. In humans, there is a special biological mechanism, which limits our ability to engage in intellectual matters. …

“What follows from all this, the main conclusion?

“Mankind is by leaps and bounds approaching beastliness. This I prove in my book, with facts and the research results. I think we should do something to stop the ongoing biological evolution. There is also the process of approaching the ‘bright’ future monkey.

“Wait, evolution is proceeding in the direction of degradation?

“Yes. Scientific evidence shows that the brains of people of our species has decreased. I emphasize that I speak not about the Neanderthals, but about our direct ancestors. Modern Europeans’ brain mass was reduced by an average of 200-250 grams compared to the Cro-Magnons. Do you know what 250 grams? It’s just the weight of the brain of Bonobo chimpanzees. So, with a decrease in the brain, the likelihood of genius is reduced.

“It may seem paradoxical, but the advent of computers and distribution systems of pseudo-information has spurred the movement of humanity back to the jungle and caves.”

My Comment: This is a process that is necessary only for recognizing the evil of our beastly egoistic nature. After humanity passes through the stage of the recognition of evil, with the help of the Kabbalists, it will discover the possibility of attracting a second, anti-egoistic force to itself, the force of goodness, bestowal, and love. It will be able to exist within the right integration of these two forces in the middle line.

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