New Life #753 – Expectations And Disappointments

New Life #753 – Expectations And Disappointments
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe


According to our nature we anticipate pleasure all the time. If a child doesn’t see something pleasurable ahead of him, he will not grow. The expectation mechanism exists in us to bring us to resolve the big question, why are we alive?

Since we don’t want to be disappointed, we develop defense mechanisms and learn not to expect anything so that we won’t be disappointed. Disappointment is the place that is not filled with what we expected to be filled and its purpose is to direct us toward a goal correctly.

In contrast to people, animals have no expectations for the future; they adhere to the moment. But the more a person develops, the more distant is his vision of the future. If a person has a higher purpose, he relates to all expectations and disappointments as corrections of direction on his way there.

In systems of relationships in which we truly love others, this in itself is fulfilling for us. The realization of love is giving, and to the degree that a person gives, he is fulfilled. So it doesn’t depend on the other side, but upon his relationship to the other side.

Our world is entirely egoistic; we draw pleasure to ourselves and therefore encounter limitations and become tired. The whole idea is to develop love from us to others. So if someone gets tired of love, this indicates it is not complete love. Love beyond the ego, which is not for those who are close to us but for those who are strangers, is not tiring. Instead it opens a person to the upper world. Then one is nourished by the general force of nature, which is entirely love and has limitless energy.
From KabTV’s “New Life #753 – Expectations And Disappointments,” 7/26/16

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