“Naked Restaurants”

Laitman_508_1In the News (Forbes): “Naked restaurants, or ‘foodies for nudies’ as many call them, are becoming a trend, and a number have been opening with great success in, among other cities, London, Milan, Tokyo, Melbourne and, soon, Paris.

“Dining ‘au naturel’ reached a whole new level this summer when, for the opening in June of London’s first ‘food-in-the-nude’ restaurant, The Bunyadi, more than 46,000 aspiring patrons rushed their names on to the waiting list, according to its website. …

“’It’s going to be the same in Paris as it has been in London, back to the start, no mobile phones, all natural, candles, and raw, organic food,’ the restaurant’s events planner told The Local. ‘We think the French would pretty much love this; there are a lot of naturists there.'”

Answer: The question is what is the reason for this phenomenon? I am not being self-righteous. I know human nature, but on the other hand, when we undress we put on a new form. Everywhere in the world clothes are not just pieces of cloth but a symbol for a person’s intention, for his inclination and the respect he feels toward others, for primitive and for modern people alike.

If a person wants to stand out among others, he wears different jewels. Or does one want to show to what degree he respects the common meal, the common time together? And it can raise the spirits and bring about a feeling of great pleasure. A meal doesn’t have to be in a tense atmosphere, like breakfasts for diplomats who don’t eat anything but carry on long diplomatic talks.

It still has to be pleasant. And there must be a dress code because it emphasizes the respect one feels for his peers. The 46,000 reservations for the nudists’ restaurant is a sign of a serious regression of mankind.

From a Kabbalistic perspective, this is a delightful event, of course, because it shows that we are getting closer to major changes in humanity when we become aware where we are in our arbitrary developmental process and that we cannot go on this way. We have to start managing our development and become humans instead of remaining like animals.

Basically, what makes us different from animals? Animals barely develop and do so very slowly. Humanity is evolving, but arbitrarily, under the influence of upper force, without any intervention on its part. What are our thoughts, feelings, intentions, we are, as they say, “blowing with the wind.” We ourselves are not involved in this, and in this sense we are worse than animals.

We shouldn’t look at our technological progress but at ourselves, at our culture, at people, at our society, at those who develop into toxic matter of which there is nothing to be proud. Humanity must acknowledge the fact that it must wisely participate in its development. We have to discover nature’s intentions and aspire for the upper ideal by ourselves and not put ourselves into an opposite state in order to understand at a certain point that this inclination is wrong and then correct it by having to actually climb out of the sewage.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/11/16

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