Fulfillment Is The Screen And The Reflected Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe always think about fulfillment because we were created for it. However, perfect fulfillment is only possible in an unlimited, external desire. This desire undergoes constant renewal. You fulfill it with your bestowal and love, and therefore you feel that you exist in perfection and eternity.

To bestow means to have a desire and an opportunity to bestow, where both the desire and the opportunity never end. Yet, the goal of creation is not bestowal, but to fulfill the creatures. The Creator’s goal is to fulfill the creatures, to give them pleasure, for us to receive from Him.

This is true from the perspective of the Creator, but from our perspective reception means always wanting to receive in order to enable the Creator to give to us. This will give Him and us unceasing, eternal pleasure.

In other words, the aim of my work is to have a constant aspiration for Him, and this aspiration is also my fulfillment. After all, the fulfillment of a Partzuf is the screen and the Reflected Light. Today we have no understanding of this state. It seems artificial, repulsive, and unreal. Nevertheless, today we also live just according to the degree of our fulfillment, which is egoistic and therefore limited. In fact, it even causes us suffering!

True fulfillment is not Direct Light, but fulfillment through bestowal. It is the screen and the Reflected Light. How can a screen be fulfillment? A screen is something that throws the Light back, not allowing it to enter the soul (Partzuf). It is a boundary. How can fulfillment come from a boundary?

When I place the boundary there myself, when I create it myself, it fulfills me since it is my bestowal to the Creator. It is a boundary against my egoism, my will to enjoy (the way a guest would), but not against the Host. (See the parable about the guest and the Host.) It is a boundary that does not allow me to receive for free, and the Reflected Light is my fulfillment. It enables me to do something for the sake of bestowal as well, and that fulfills me.

If that’s so, then why do we need fulfillment? We need it only in order for the screen and the Reflected Light to exist. The Creator does not feel pleasure from fulfillment, but from bestowal, and I also enjoy by giving. This equivalence of form is adhesion with Him.

Therefore, the initial will to enjoy that the Creator created and the fulfillment against it are just the necessary conditions which we have to use as a basis in order to build a new desire and a new fulfillment above them. I am the one who creates the new desire and fulfillment!

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/4/10, Writings of Rabash

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