Europe’s Revival Is Possible

laitman_426Comment: In a meeting held between representatives of Germany, France, and Italy on the island of Ventotene in the Terranean Sea, the Italian prime Minister Matheo Ranzi asked what should be done in order to attain unity in Europe, not just superficially but for real.

He is convinced that it is possible to revive Europe if the EU were based not only on the economy, but also on ideals.

Answer: This is indeed a good question, but they don’t have the means to attain unity. I’m not referring to financial means but to the lack of knowledge and understanding of how to do it. The fact that such questions come up indicates that they require a solution, and this is already a big breakthrough because when I met with a delegate of the EU a couple of years ago and explained to him for an hour and a half how they can overcome the crisis they are in, he wrote everything down and said “no one will go for it.”

Even back then I said that sooner or later the EU would fall apart and that they must introduce an educational process for the citizens as soon as possible. Otherwise the only solution they will have regarding the issue of the EU will be Nazism, and they will choose this way unless Israel unites and teaches them a different kind of unity. There is no other way! If we don’t do it, both Nazism and fundamentalist Islam in Europe will turn first against the Jews.

These are not my ideas but the truth that the wisdom of Kabbalah brings us.  It is better if people discover it by studying Kabbalah, and God forbid, not from life.

Question: Is the lack of unity between Israel the reason for all the problems?

Answer: Certainly, the lack of unity between Israel is the only reason for all the problems in the world, not only in humanity, but also in nature as a whole. Even natural disasters are the result of the lack of unity among the nation of Israel.

We have to believe the Kabbalists and begin to study the method that they offer us. The connection between us will be clarified by the study, as the one and only picture of the world will be revealed in it. It will become clear to us that the unity depends on us and that no one but us can do it. So let’s do it!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 8/24/16

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