Prospects For Developing Nations

laitman_272Question: You, of course, are not a politician. But in your view, the wisdom of Kabbalah is involved with everything, as the science about the whole world. How are nations developed?

Answer: The time of egoistic development has passed. Therefore, the time of conflicts between nations, which try to overpower each other, has also passed. All around us, a higher and integral natural network and management of the world, including the entire universe, is becoming more and more apparent.

So there will necessarily be an aspiration toward mutual benefit, which will gradually move from egoistic mutual benefit to shared mutual benefit in which the principle of exchange will cease being the goal and will become a means for unification.

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  1. It is interesting that there does seem to be some sort of undercurrent going on that hints at the fact that perhaps, just perhaps, they are beginning to get this in the higher echelons of power. In any case, let’s hope so. If it doesn’t occur most of us are most likely toast, which ironically might be a sigh of relief for our upper management called nature.

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