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laitman_599_02Question: In response to your article “…Or Terror Wins” on Snob, Sergey Muroshav quoted from your article: “’It’s time to apply the unfailing remedy that will cure disease once and for all. A healing system that balances the forces that act upon us and make it possible for us to monitor them with understanding.’

And he asked, “Um…

“Is there such a tool in nature? Other than the indiscriminate destruction of all mankind?”

Answer: Yes, there is a natural remedy for correcting our nature, but we need to use this remedy wisely, otherwise nature will not annihilate us but will lead us through various torments to force us to use the remedy that will correct us. The method for correcting our nature is called, the wisdom of Kabbalah. Its common name is the method of connection and unity.

It amounts to a few simple actions:

  1. Between 5 to 10 people sit in a circle.
  2. Getting acquainted isn’t necessary; this is a distraction and has no relation to the purpose.
  3. The facilitator explains the method and everyone follows it.
  4. Each one tries to express himself more modestly, quietly,and less than the others in the circle.
  5. Each one tries to imagine that the others in the circle have better qualities than he has, that they are apparently greater than he is.
  6. Each one tries to treat everyone else as an equal.
  7. Each one tries to imagine that they are all yearning for the center of the circle, the connection of everyone in a single point.
  8. Everyone tries to attain a feeling of unity until they really lose their sense of self.
  9. They try to feel the warmth and power that is revealed in the center of the connection between everyone.

As similar exercises are repeated, this force will be revealed more and more and will be felt closer and will be more understandable. Through its help, gradually each one will be able to balance his egoistic characteristics and drives. In this manner, you will be able to explore the good force that you discover together with the circle of friends and discuss, study, and explore its practical manifestation in you.

This is the revelation of the Creator to the creatures in our world … The study of this phenomenon in itself—is a long process, it reveals a person’s inner world. The fact is that, while we were composed of a single force, egoistic, we could not feel:

  1. where we are
  2. what we were without it.

But as soon it begins to emerge, the second force in us begins to open our image and our world—it is called the soul, and the upper world.

The method of discovery, the wisdom of Kabbalah, explains:

  1. The states that we go through and how we must direct ourselves toward deepening the discovery of the new world. This part of the wisdom of Kabbalah is called “inner work.”
  2. The states we go through, how they are formed in us, how we can manage them, and so on.

In fact, this is the wisdom of Kabbalah itself. Similar to physics or any other science, it explains the integration of two forces to us, the natural egoistic force and the force that is acquired in a circle, the higher, altruistic force, and all the possible kinds of mutual cooperation between them. The difference is only that the study and investigation is done on the person himself and not on an external object. So it is a discovery that is only for you and not for anyone else except you. The participants in these circles exchange impressions and keep track of their correspondence in the textbook.

All of this is learned in the framework of our International Academy for the Wisdom of Kabbalah.

The textbooks of the wisdom of Kabbalah were written over thousands of years ago and they are called “The Secrets of Jewish Teachings.” They are called secrets, not because they are concealed, but because they are discovered through the practical effort of the person himself. Even though the other matter is also correct, specifically in our day, because humanity has reached the end of its egoistic development, the wisdom of Kabbalah is being revealed to all people. Before then people were simply not sufficiently disappointed with life such that the question about the meaning of life really interested them.

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