The Weakness Of A Strong Army

laitman_570Question: The security of Jews in Israel and throughout the world is often tied to a strong Israeli army. Can we expect the Israeli Defense Forces to not abandon the Jews throughout the world and can the Jews sleep in peace and quiet?

Answer: I believe that only people who are “hiding their heads in the sand” can think like that. I served and then worked in the Israeli army for four years and I assure you that something like that cannot be. Just as completely hermetic borders don’t exist, so an army that protects completely doesn’t exist. As far as we are concerned, if we don’t carry out our mission, the situation will become such that we will not be able to stand against any threat that is facing us.

We will need an army as long as we haven’t taken hold of our mission and haven’t begun to realize it. By refusing to carry it out, we lose the right to remain on this land, to protect ourselves, and to exist not only as a nation and as a people, but also throughout the world as Jews.
From the Webinar 5/8/16

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