New Life#580 – Remaining Young Forever

New Life#580 – Remaining Young Forever
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

Why does a person want to remain young forever, how is it possible to attain immortality, and why is the matter contingent on the correction of the basic characteristics we were born with?


There is a hidden power in the world, the power of love and bestowal, the power of life. This power radiates goodness and love to everyone, like the sun. And we, the human masters of nature, are its opposite. We absorb and receive the power of life from it, but ultimately the power of life weakens and we grow old and die.

To reach a state of eternal life, it is up to us to be like that life force, to be love and bestowal.

This life force is called Light. It is found everywhere. We are capable of absorbing only a small spark of it. The secret of life is that a person must correct his nature from reception to bestowal, resembling this eternal Light. A person who corrects his nature from reception for himself to bestowal of goodness to others, merges with eternity.

Our physiological body is condemned to die. We have the ability to develop a spiritual body, a “soul,” and live in it forever.

Every person naturally strives to escape death, and for women there is a natural inclination to strive for beauty.

Spiritual beauty is beauty that radiates from you as love for others. If we cultivate inner beauty, a relationship of love for others, this will radiate outward and people will love us.
From KabTV’s “New Life#580 – Remaining Young Forever,” 6/2/15

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