New Life 731 – The Giving Of The Torah On Mount Sinai

New Life 731 – The Giving Of The Torah On Mount Sinai
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

What is the Torah that Moses received on Mount Sinai, why did its reception depend on the connection of the people of Israel, and how do we return to being a “Light unto the nations”?

Making a covenant is the first condition from the upper force, and the lower will feel that its nature is evil and will want to balance it. The second condition is that a person will seek to know what the goal of life is. Many people ask this, but they have no answer. We have developed an entire culture in order to suppress this question.

The evil inclination, the evil desire, is divided into 613 individual desires. Corresponding to them are the 613 Lights of the Torah. We receive the Torah on condition that we are ready to connect. Then there are two forces in us, negative and positive, in order to reach balance. Only one characteristic in us, “Moses,” can rise above the ego, above “Mount Sinai,” above the evil inclination that is revealed.

The revelation while standing at Mount Sinai is an internal revelation, within a person. It is the discovery of great “Gevurot” (heroism). After receiving the Torah, the people advance toward love of others. They feel that they belong to a single system. Three forces are included in the chosen people: negative, positive, and we in the middle between these two forces build the third force. The chosen people are people who draw upon the good force, the Upper Light, and transmit it to all the nations of the world. With the correction of all the evil, Mount Sinai, the Beit HaMikdash (Temple) is built on the “holy mountain.” Everything comes to correct the connection between us, but human development does not end with this because everyone from Babylon must reach this.

In the past, the connection among the people of Israel was destroyed, so they were dispersed among the nations. In our generation, it is up to us to correct this fracture, meaning ourselves and the world. We are the spiritual descendants of those people who felt divinity and it is up to us to receive the Torah again.
From KabTV’s “New Life 731 – The Giving Of The Torah On Mount Sinai,” 6/2/16

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